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Lighting Technology Advances Water Treatment | GMY Invites You to the Aquatech China 2023

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The grand inauguration of the the Aquatech China 2023 is set for June 5, 2023. Recognized as the annual pinnacle event in the water purification industry, this exhibition serves as the industry's definitive benchmark. This year, the exhibition will cast a spotlight on key segments, including municipal and industrial water treatment, comprehensive water environment management, water environment monitoring, membrane technology in water treatment, and water purification. It will showcase the most advanced technologies and pioneering research achievements in the water treatment industry, catering to global exhibitors' needs for innovative products, technologies, services, and market expansion opportunities.

GMY, an outstanding enterprise in lighting technology, brings a wealth of technical experience to the table. We are privileged to participate in Aquatech China 2023, offering innovative technologies and solutions that contribute to the steady advancement of the global water treatment industry.

     Exhibition dates: June 5-7, 2023

      Exhibition venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Hongqiao), Shanghai

      Booth No.7.1H1017


Key Innovations by GMY in Water Treatment:

01.UV Technology for Sewage and Wastewater Purification:

GMY's UV sewage treatment offers an advanced physical disinfection solution that outshines traditional chemical disinfection by providing high-efficiency sterilization, leaving no chemical residues, operating at low energy consumption, and ensuring effective purification without secondary pollution.

GMY designs corresponding solutions for different application scenarios, and also has rich experience and comprehensive products in environmental protection fields such as sewage/wastewater disinfection and purification. To date, GMY's ultraviolet sewage purification and disinfection technology can be applied to integrated sewage and wastewater treatment projects, as well as clean sterilization treatment for production water and drinking water, realizing multi-field coverage of sewage treatment.


02.Water Purification Solutions for Aquaculture:

The GMY aquaculture water purification treatment solution uses high-intensity UV lamps to disinfect and purify the water source. This can effectively prevent pathogens from invading the water source, contributing to the improvement of the health and physical condition of the cultured aquatic products, as well as improving water quality. It aids in building a high-quality ecological aquaculture environment.

Submersible ultraviolet lamp

△Submersible ultraviolet lamp

03.Household Water Dispenser Sterilization:

To meet the disinfection needs of drinking water for households, communities, or institutions, GMY has designed and produced an efficient UV light source specifically for water dispenser disinfection. It aims to effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms in drinking water through rapid and high-intensity ultraviolet irradiation output. The operation of this product is very simple. By installing it inside the pipeline, it can ensure rapid and efficient sterilization treatment as the water flows through.

04.Pure Water Treatment via TOC Degradation:

GMY's ultraviolet pure water treatment TOC (Total Organic Carbon) degradation technology is an efficient method for removing organics from water. It generates free radicals that oxidize organic substances in water into CO2 and H2O molecules, thereby achieving efficient TOC degradation and consumption. Among them, the 185nm+254nm ultraviolet light source component is widely used in the field of pure water preparation, while the 172nm excimer lamp technology can degrade TOC more efficiently, making it especially suitable for the preparation process of ultra-pure water.


05.Shortwave UV Water Purification:

As an efficient disinfection and purification device, the uniqueness of GMY's ultraviolet flow-through algaecide lies in its ability to simultaneously emit 185nm and 254nm ultraviolet light. Compared to the traditional light source design that only emits 254nm ultraviolet light, GMY's ultraviolet flow-through algaecide has a higher energy output, providing more reliable water disinfection and purification effects, and more effectively removing algae from water. It has excellent disinfection and purification performance to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the water.

For over 20 years, GMY has been committed to the research and manufacturing of lighting technology applications, providing customers with professional solutions and high-quality services. GMY continues to innovate and explore the application of lighting technology in the water treatment industry, injecting new vitality into the industry. For this purpose, GMY cordially invites you to join us at the Aquatech China 2023 from June 5th to 7th, 2023 (Booth No: 7.1H1017). We look forward to in-depth exchanges and cooperation with you at this industry event, jointly driving the technological innovation and continuous development of the water treatment industry with the power of lighting technology.

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