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Canton Fair Preview | GMY Introduces New 222nm UV Module

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In recent years, the 222nm UV technology, known as "Safe UV," has garnered significant attention. As the industry continues to delve deeper into this technology and its applications in the disinfection realm expand, the market's demand for such an efficient and safe disinfection solution has been growing steadily.

GMY will unveil its new 222nm UV disinfection module at the 134th Canton Fair on October 15th, aiming to provide global traders with an even more outstanding touch-control disinfection solution.

  • Exhibition Date: October 15-19, 2023

  • Venue: Canton Fair Pazhou Complex

  • Booth Number: 15.4 A21-22/B01-02

Enhanced Safety: Real-time Disinfection with Human Coexistence

With ongoing research, 222nm far-UVC light has gained recognition for its safety from numerous authoritative institutions. GMY's new 222nm module, utilizing mercury-free excimer technology, ensures a continuous and stable 222nm UV emission.

222nm far-uvc model

222nm Illuminance Comparison

Optimized Design: Easy Installation for Various Settings

application of 222nm-e

GMY Cordially Invites You to the Grand Event

The Canton Fair consistently stands as a global commercial focal point, showcasing leading technologies and innovations from China and worldwide. GMY, empowered by lighting technology, is set not only to display the innovative SafeGlo 222nm UV disinfection module but also to introduce a range of UV touch-control disinfection solutions. Designed to address today's public health challenges, they offer the public more efficient, safer, and eco-friendly UV disinfection choices. As the curtain rises on the 134th Canton Fair, GMY warmly invites friends from all sectors to visit our booth (Booth Number: 15.4 A21-22/B01-02). Together, let's explore the future of touch-control disinfection technology. We look forward to joining hands and fostering a healthier living environment.

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