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Defying Extreme Cold! GMY LED Car Lighting Series Guarantees Safe Driving

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According to the "2023 Global Electric Vehicle Outlook" report released by the International Energy Agency (IEA), global electric vehicle sales in 2022 exceeded 10 million units. The IEA forecasts that, driven by policies and incentives from various countries, the global sales of electric vehicles are expected to reach 14 million units by the end of 2023. Alongside the rise of the electric vehicle industry, the automotive front and rear markets have also shown substantial growth.

Car lights, commonly likened to the "eyes" of a car, are crucial for nighttime illumination, signaling, fog alerts, turn indications, and beyond. To meet the increasing demand for headlight performance and quality, the development and innovation of automotive lighting systems have gradually become the industry's focal point.


GMY Innovative LED Car Lighting Series

Recognizing the vast potential in automotive lighting, GMY continuously strengthens its stance in this arena, aiming for a dual enhancement in product innovation and performance of automotive lighting systems. While ensuring widespread adaptability and cost-effectiveness, GMY endeavors to provide car users with a more outstanding and stable lighting experience. To this end, GMY has conducted specialized low-temperature adaptability tests and waterproofing performance tests on LED car lights to guarantee their practicality and durability.

LED headlight

Low Temperature Test:

To address the extreme (frigid) environments that cars might encounter while driving, GMY subjected its LED car lights to stringent low-temperature tests. The results show that even in icy temperatures, GMY LED car lights can maintain stable and normal operation.

Low Temperature Test

∆ Low Temperature Test

Protection Test:

In terms of protective features, GMY LED car lights boast an IP65 rating. The "6" indicates its superior dust-proof capabilities, ensuring no dust can invade the internal components. The "5" indicates its waterproofing capabilities, with tests showing that even when submerged in water, GMY's LED car lights continue to function normally. This IP65 rating underscores the exceptional durability and reliability of GMY LED car lights.

∆Protection Test

∆ Protection Test

A8 Automotive LED Headlights:

A8 LED headlight

● CSP Chip: Replacing traditional COB chips, effectively mitigating glare, and offering clear and stable illumination.

● Purple Copper Thermal Dissipation: Offers double the cooling efficiency of aluminum, ensuring stable operation even at high brightness.

● 360-degree Dimming: Easily adjust the light pattern to achieve all-around illumination.

● Built-in Decoding Driver: Achieves temperature control and addresses flickering issues, compatible with a wider range of vehicles.

Super Bright HP1 LED Headlights:

HP1 LEDheadlight

● High-Power Chip: 12-core 60W chip (H4 has 24 cores).

● Super Dual Copper Tube Cooling: Patented liquid-cooled copper tube design, five times the heat dissipation of copper; unique square tube design, five times the cooling surface area of round tubes.

● Smart Temperature Control Driver: Aluminum base circuit board replaces regular fiberglass board, upgraded heat dissipation.

● Fire-Resistant Wiring: 0.5 square fire-resistant wire prevents overheating and ignition; high-grade flame-retardant wire offers double protection.

M9L Automotive LED Headlights:

M9L LEDheadlight

● High-Power Chip: Dual-sided with 12 chips ensuring luminous efficacy.

● Purple Copper Heat Dissipation: Twice the cooling performance of aluminum.

● High-Performance Driver: Aluminum-based driver improves heat dissipation, ensuring high-power operation.

● Non-Polarized: Can be plugged in either way, facilitating installation.

GMY Automotive Lighting Solutions

As a leading force in the lighting technology sector, GMY prides itself on its expert automotive lighting research team and a rich legacy of technological innovation in lighting manufacturing. In the automotive lighting domain, GMY not only offers LED car lighting solutions but also includes LED lights for motorcycles, halogen headlights, traditional signal lights, and more to comprehensively meet various scenarios and needs.

LED motorcycle light

∆ LED Lights for Motorcycles

halogen car light

∆ Halogen Headlights

LED signal light

∆ LED Signal Lights

traditional signal light

∆ Traditional Signal Lights

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