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GMY Gains Approval for the 2023 National Key R&D Program on 'Key Technologies for Biosafety'

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To implement the relevant arrangements for national scientific and technological innovation during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, and to comply with the "Biosecurity Law of the People's Republic of China," the "Regulations on Biosafety Management of Pathogenic Microorganism Laboratories," and the "Regulations on the Administration of Human Genetic Resources of the People's Republic of China," the National Key R&D Program launched the "Key Technologies for Biosafety" project.

GMY participated in the project application for "Research and Development of Green Intelligent Disinfection Key Technologies and Equipment for Cold Chain Logistics and Human-Machine Coexistence Scenarios," providing crucial technical support and meeting the corresponding assessment criteria.



SafeGlo Ultraviolet Surface Disinfection Machine

Capable of disinfecting cold chain cargo boxes, packaging boxes, e-commerce parcels, checked luggage, and more

Provides full-coverage disinfection on all six sides of objects

High-intensity exposure for 5 seconds can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria

Operates normally in low-temperature environments


SafeGlo Far-UVC Disinfection Gate

Uses a Far-UVC 222nm light source suitable for human-machine coexistence

Achieves comprehensive disinfection in 6 seconds

Features a transparent design for real-time monitoring

Ideal for use at checkpoints


Elevator Intelligent Far-UVC Disinfection Lamp

Utilizes Far-UVC 222nm disinfection technology

Efficiently eliminates various bacteria and viruses

Quickly disinfects surfaces and spaces

Offers two operational modes for human-machine coexistence

Organized by the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, this project brought together multiple leading entities, including universities, research institutes, and enterprises, to form a collaborative team. After more than six months of preparation, the team successfully overcame cross-industry,cross-professional,and cross-disciplinary collaboration challenges. By leveraging the most cutting-edge biosafety technologies, the team efficiently and effectively completed the application materials and emerged successful amidst fierce competition with top domestic research institutions.

The approval of this national key R&D project application marks another significant achievement for GMY in the field of biosafety. GMY always adheres to "continuous R&D innovation" as its core drive, actively exploring new application scenarios and market opportunities, and applying advanced biosafety technologies to broader fields, contributing to human health and public health safety.


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