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GMY Infrared Heating Technology Unlocks the "Light Code" for Healthy Animal Husbandry

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Livestock breeding holds a vitally important position in the development of economy. With the continuous enhancement of the national consumption level, the demand for livestock products has rapidly increased, leading to a sustained rise in the total output value of the livestock industry. According to statistics, in 2021, the total output value of China's livestock industry reached 3.99108 trillion yuan, and the value increased to 4.13077 trillion yuan in 2022 (data source: Zhiyan Consulting). Against this market backdrop, identifying ways to enhance the productive and economic benefits of farms has become one of the industry's key research topics.

The Importance of Insulation in Livestock Breeding Industry

The importance of insulation in the livestock breeding industry cannot be overstated, especially in the autumn and winter seasons, as it is key to promoting the healthy development and growth of animals, significantly impacting the productivity of farms.

Taking pig breeding as an example, particularly for young piglets, a diurnal temperature variation exceeding 5℃can lead to symptoms such as gastrointestinal discomfort, poor digestion, or decreased resistance. Furthermore, studies have shown that with the decrease in environmental temperature, the food intake of pigs tends to increase linearly.

Therefore, a safer, more efficient, and economical animal insulation solution has become one of the key factors for farms to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.


GMY: The Temperature Steward of Animal Husbandry Farms

As a company with more than twenty years of experience in lighting technology R&D and manufacturing, GMY is committed to providing comprehensive animal insulation solutions for the livestock breeding sector. We customize high-quality solutions based on different needs and design unique scenario-based insulation equipment aimed at providing safe and efficient insulation for various animals on farms, supporting the healthy growth of animals.

GMY "Infrared Animal Heating Lamp"

The GMY "Infrared Animal Heating Lamp," with its unique design and outstanding performance, has become one of the preferred insulation devices in the breeding industry. This series mainly adopts infrared heating technology, which directly affects the skin and subcutaneous tissue of animals by emitting infrared rays. This causes resonance of atoms within the animal's cells, creating a thermal effect that raises the temperature of the skin and subcutaneous tissues, generating heat from inside out. Consequently, it promotes and improves blood circulation, enhances metabolism, and strengthens immunity.


01. Infrared Animal Heating Lamp (Tungsten Filament Lamp)


  • High-quality quartz glass: Excellent light transmittance, sturdy and durable, effectively enhancing the lamp's anti-explosion and shock-proof properties;

  • Waterproof and flame-retardant lamp cover: Ensures even and gentle heat distribution, effectively preventing damage to the lamp by pigs;

  • Quality materials: Thickened tungsten filament for high temperature resistance, not prone to burn out, ensuring longevity;

  • Energy-saving and consumption-reducing: Instantaneous heating provides rapid warmth in cold seasons, improving the survival rate of young livestock;

  • Strong electrical conductivity: The lamp base made of pure copper material is more corrosion-resistant and rust-free.

02. Far Infrared Animal Heating Lamp (Carbon Fiber Lamp)

Far Infrared Animal Heating Lamp (Carbon Fiber Lamp)-01

  • Safe and reliable: No ultraviolet and electromagnetic radiation;

  • Efficient and energy-saving: Electrical to thermal conversion efficiency up to 98%;

  • Quality materials ensure long-term durability;

  • Waterproof design: Suitable for washdown cleaning;

  • Antibacterial: Effectively removes bacteria and odors;

  • No glare: Non-irritating to the eyes of small animals;

  • Even heat distribution: The angle of light and heat emission can reach 100 degrees.

Application Scenarios

Providing uniform, persistent, and suitable temperatures for the growth of animals, these lamps are widely applicable for the breeding of pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, and other animals.


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