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GMY Invites You to the Canton Fair!

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The China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, was established in 1957, and has successfully held 133 sessions to date. As a window, microcosm, and symbol of China's opening to the outside world, the Canton Fair is also one of the important platforms for international trade cooperation.

The 134th canton fair invition

As one of the outstanding enterprises in the field of lighting technology, GMY will be participating in this exhibition, fully showcasing innovative lighting technology and applications in various fields including medical disinfection and infection control, medical health, advanced manufacturing, environment, facility agriculture,animal husbandry and more. Here, GMY sincerely invites you to our booth, looking forward to building a better life with you through lighting technology.

Exhibition Date: October 15-19, 2023

Exhibition Venue: Canton Fair Pazhou Pavilion

Booth Number: 15.4A21-22/B01-02

Spotlight Preview: LumiAgro Planting Series

In recent years, as modern society continues to develop, contemporary young people have begun to pursue a greener and healthier lifestyle. At the same time, consumers' demand for high-quality vegetables is increasing day by day, and fresher and safer home planting is gradually becoming a new lifestyle trend.

Based on this market background, and the positive response from a large number of merchants to GMY’s home planting solutions after the Spring 2023 Canton Fair, at this exhibition, we are not only bringing various star products from the LumiAgro family planting series, but also launching a new product in the Adonis series. We hope to provide more high-quality and innovative options for merchants concerned about home planting solutions at this Canton Fair.



∆ Adonis Series


∆ Demeter Series

In addition, addressing the supplementary lighting needs for greenhouse planting, we will also launch the new planting supplementary lighting solution, the Apollo series, at the Canton Fair. The Apollo series greenhouse planting supplementary lighting solution uses professional plant spectra to simulate sunlight, providing quality light sources for plants and promoting their healthy and rapid growth. This innovative solution aims to help facility agriculture achieve more efficient and high-quality production.

Inter-plant Grow Light Solution

∆ Inter-plant Grow Light Solution

Top Grow Light Solution

∆ Top Grow Light Solution

Top Grow Light Solution (Grow Light + Disinfection Light)

∆ Top Grow Light Solution (Grow Light + Disinfection Light)

Spotlight Preview: Lighting Technology Aids Nuclear Radiation Monitoring

Previously, affected by the "Japanese nuclear wastewater discharge" incident, the issue of nuclear radiation quickly became a global focus, and the demand for nuclear radiation monitoring of food and living safety also increased. For this, GMY, with its rich technical experience in the field of lighting technology, quickly developed the core component of nuclear radiation detection instruments -Geiger-Mueller Tube, offering robust technical support to enterprises throughout the industry.

Geiger-Mueller TubeGeiger Tube

Spotlight Preview: Lighting Technology Aids Environmental Purification

Wastewater and exhaust gas treatment have always been important topics in global environmental protection. As a professional manufacturer and solution provider of ultraviolet rays, GMY will present the cutting-edge technology and solutions of ultraviolet rays in the field of environmental protection at this exhibition, to aid the advancement of global environmental protection efforts with the power of lighting technology.

172nm UV LAMP185nm UV LAMP

GMY Lighting Technology: Looking Forward to Meeting You at the Grand Event

For over 20 years, GMY has always been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of lighting technology applications, providing professional products and services to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. At the 134th Canton Fair, GMY eagerly looks forward to in-depth exchanges and discussions with the majority of merchants, expecting to build a greener and healthier living environment together with you with the power of lighting technology. From October 15th to 19th, GMY looks forward to your visit (Booth Number: 15.4A21-22/B01-02).


Creating Better Life with Light



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