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GMY Lighting Technology | Innovative Application of Pulsed Intense Light Disinfection Technology

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As living standards rise, people's demands for food no longer simply focus on basic elements such as color, aroma, taste, and shape, but pay more attention to safety, nutrition, and functional characteristics of food. Among these, food safety is undoubtedly the most important.

Therefore, for drinking water, beverages, health products, condiments, or various foods, strict disinfection must be carried out on equipment, pipelines, packaging materials, and even the production environment during the production process to meet food hygiene standards. In particular, the disinfection of food packaging is one of the key links in the food production process. Effective food packaging disinfection can control the growth of molds, yeasts, and other microorganisms in food, prevent food spoilage, and thereby extend its shelf life.

However, in actual operations, many food production enterprises face challenges on how to stably, efficiently, and long-termly control the issue of microbial over-standard. Therefore, choosing an efficient and safe disinfection scheme is particularly crucial for solving microbial over-standard problems.

01.Pulsed Intense Light Disinfection Technology

In recent years, pulsed intense light technology, as a new type of physical disinfection method, is very popular in the field of food production. This technology disrupts the cell membrane of microorganisms by briefly applying a high voltage pulse, thereby achieving a disinfecting effect. The pulsed intense light disinfection technology, with its characteristics of efficiency, safety, energy saving, and environmental protection, and the advantage of not requiring the addition of chemical disinfectants, not only enhances the disinfection level of the food processing industry, but also provides consumers with a safer and healthier food experience.

02.The Mechanism of Pulsed Intense Light Generation

Xenon lamps, as electric light sources, mainly rely on xenon gas discharge to generate light sources. The discharge material inside is inert gas xenon, characterized by the small difference between its excitation potential and ionization potential. Currently, the common types of xenon lamps are mainly of three kinds: long-arc xenon lamps, short-arc xenon lamps, and IPL pulsed xenon lamps. The characteristic of the IPL pulsed xenon lamp is that it can generate high-intensity flashes in a very short time. Its mechanism is through the conversion of stored electric energy or chemical energy.

The structure of the pulsed intense light generation device mainly includes pulse light source, boosting module, trigger module, and energy storage capacitor. Among them, the drive module can provide high-voltage high-current to provide pulse energy for the xenon lamp, allowing the xenon lamp to emit light from ultraviolet to near-infrared (200-1100nm). Studies have found that the instantaneous power density (irradiance) of pulsed intense light can reach thousands to tens of thousands of times that of sunlight with a similar spectrum, which is the main reason for its widespread use in the field of disinfection.

Mechanism of Pulsed Intense Light Generation

Mechanism of Pulsed Intense Light Generation

03. The Mechanism of Pulsed Intense Light Disinfection

As shown in the figure below, the spectral range of the pulsed xenon lamp is very wide, with a wavelength range of 200-1100nm, not only having significant peaks in the UV band, but also showing strong radiation intensity in the visible and near-infrared areas. This means that compared with conventional ultraviolet disinfection methods, the disinfection mechanism of pulsed intense light is more complex and comprehensive: it relies not only on the UV band, but other bands also contribute to its disinfection capability. This unique synergistic effect allows the pulsed xenon lamp to achieve more comprehensive and in-depth disinfection, and this destructive action is irreversible.

Spectral distribution of pulsed xenon lamp at 600V, 800V, 1000V

Spectral distribution of pulsed xenon lamp at 600V, 800V, 1000V

04. The Realization Mechanism of Pulsed Intense Light disinfection

  • Photochemical Reaction: The UV band of pulsed intense light destroys the nucleic acid of microorganisms, hinders their normal reproduction, and destroys the cell membrane causing the internal structure to rupture.

  • Flash Thermal Effect: The visible light and infrared light of pulsed intense light produce a thermal effect, causing the internal structure of microorganisms to be inactivated and leading to cell rupture.

  • Pulse Effect: The high penetration and instantaneous high energy of pulsed intense light destroy the cell walls of microorganisms, leading to their death.


05.GMY High-Energy disinfection Pulsed Xenon Lamp

GMY's high-energy pulsed xenon lamp uses innovative IPL pulse technology to generate powerful peak power of the megawatt level in an instant of 10 to 100μs, thereby achieving efficient disinfection. This unique cold disinfection method can reach a disinfection rate of Log4-5, and can thoroughly eliminate microorganisms such as Aspergillus niger and Bacillus subtilis, which traditional UV lamps cannot handle. More importantly, this xenon lamp does not contain mercury and is safer compared to traditional UV mercury lamps.

GMY Pulsed Xenon Lamp disinfection Module

GMY Pulsed Xenon Lamp disinfection Module

Product Features

  • Wavelength: 200-1100nm

  • disinfection Rate: Log4-5

  • Flash Time: 100μs

  • Types of Microorganisms: Various microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, Bacillus subtilis, Aspergillus niger, etc.

Application Fields

  • Food disinfection

  • Drinking Water disinfection

  • High-speed Production Line disinfection

  • Large Packaging disinfection

  • Home Appliance disinfection

06.GMY Lighting Technology

GMY was founded in 1998 and focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of lighting technology applications. The company has a professional R&D team and has been recognized as a national "high-tech enterprise", "post-doctoral research workstation", Guangdong Province "enterprise technology center" and Guangdong Province "specialized, refined, special and new small and medium enterprises".

GMY provides professional products and services for the fields of sensory control disinfection, medical health, advanced manufacturing, environmental protection, livestock breeding, and facility agriculture through professional light source components and advanced technology solutions.

We look forward to working with our partners to "create a better life with lighting technology". We continue to enhance customer experience, create value for customers, and realize a mutually beneficial situation for social and commercial values.

Creating Better Life with Light



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