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GMY Lighting Technology | UV TOC Pure Water Treatment Technology: Spearheading the Heart of Semiconductor Industry's Advancement

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The electronics industry, a pivotal force for the national economy, encompasses five distinct segments: semiconductors, optoelectronics, components, electronic manufacturing, and various other electronic-oriented fields. At the heart of this industry lies electronic-grade ultrapure water (UPW), a key element extensively applied in the fabrication processes of semiconductor chips and optoelectronic liquid crystal panels. It finds use in various stages, including product cleaning, reagent dilution, photolithography systems, and cooling, marking its considerable consumption.

Statistics from 2019 revealed that China's semiconductor chip production drew upon 220 million cubic meters of ultrapure water, a volume akin to the annual water consumption of a city housing 2 million residents. As the electronics industry gallops forward, the call for electronic-grade ultrapure water escalates, pushing for ever-increasing water quality standards. Thus, boosting the production efficiency and technical prowess of electronic-grade ultrapure water becomes a cornerstone for the high-quality progression of China's electronics industry.

pure water treatment

01.What exactly is ultrapure water?

Ultrpure water is the outcome of in-depth purification, with all minerals, particles, bacteria, microbes, and dissolved gases eradicated. In chip manufacturing, it is also dubbed as deionized water (DI Water). However, ultrapure water bears a higher standard of purity as compared to deionized water.

pure water for advanced manufacturing

02.The journey of ultrapure water production

The production journey of ultrapure water typically comprises three stages: pre-treatment, primary treatment, and refinement. During each phase, the water is subjected to a variety of technical treatments, each designed to progressively eliminate various impurities, and in turn, enhancing the water quality to hit the pre-defined purity benchmarks.

Specifically, during the refinement phase, in response to the particular water quality needs of the manufacturing process, ultrapure water treatment equipment usually incorporates degassing, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and UV irradiation, further boosting water purity. UV irradiation, in particular, is crucial due to its critical role in degrading the Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in water.

03.UV TOC pure water treatment technology

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) signifies the organic matter content in water and is frequently employed to gauge the extent of organic pollution in water bodies. UV TOC pure water treatment technology hinges on short-wavelength UV light to stimulate water molecules, sparking off free radicals with potent oxidizing abilities. These radicals then convert the organic matter in the water into CO2and H2O molecules, culminating in efficient TOC degradation and elimination.


04.GMY's solution to UV TOC pure water treatment

As a seasoned manufacturer of UV products and solution provider, GMY's dual-wavelength (185nm+254nm) UV photo-oxidation solution has gained widespread adoption in water purification systems, meeting the unique demands of pure water preparation across diverse sectors. The cornerstone of this technology is to first employ 254nm UV light for disinfection, followed by the use of 185nm UV light to break down H2O into hydroxyl radicals (OH.) and hydrogen radicals. These radicals then oxidize the hydrocarbons in the water into carbon dioxide and water, consequently bringing down the Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in the water to ppb levels.

185nm UV lamp

185nm UV lamp

To further satisfy the rigorous requirements for ultrapure water production, GMY also brings to the table an advanced, mercury-free UV technology--the 172nm excimer lamp pure water treatment technology. This pioneering technology emits high-energy 172nm UV light, enabling swifter and more effective TOC degradation, thus meeting the electronics industry's heightened standards for ultrapure water quality.

172nm excimer lamp

172nm excimer lamp

[Product Features]

● No secondary pollution for an eco-friendly approach;

● Creation of hydroxyl radicals (HO*) via high-energy photons;

● Consistent quality, reliable delivery schedules, and substantial production capabilities;

● Flexibility offered through customizable lamp designs;

● Achievement of lower TOC levels;

● A compact and modular design promoting easy maintenance.


● TOC removal in ultrapure water production

● Trace pollutant treatment in drinking water

● Breakdown of pesticide residues

● Photocatalytic decolorization in textile dye wastewater

● Generation of high-purity ozone

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