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GMY Lights Up Dubai: Pioneering the Future of Lighting Tech!

Views: 5742     Author: GMY     Publish Time: 2023-12-22      Origin: Site

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The 15th China (Dubai) Trade Fair opened on December 19, 2023, at the Dubai World Trade Center. GMY, a leader in lighting technology, presented innovative solutions in facility agriculture, medical disinfection and infection control, medical healthcare, and automotive lighting, attracting attention from global business leaders.Explore the exhibition to see GMY's innovative lighting technologies and their practical applications in different sectors.

GMY in China Dubai trade fair

GMY's display of lighting technology in various sectors was a highlight of the fair, drawing interest from industry professionals and clients, especially in facility agriculture.

Responding to the Green Living Trend - LumiAgro's Indoor Planting Solutions Attract Attention Again

The LumiAgro brand, under GMY, continues to dedicate itself to the exploration and research of lighting and growth. Following its debut and positive reception at previous exhibitions, the LumiAgro indoor planting solutions once again became a focal point at this exhibition.

Adonis Series Home Planting Machines: Integrating Ecological Concepts with Modern Home Decor

The Adonis series from LumiAgro combines ecological principles with modern home design, providing a compact and efficient mini-ecosystem for DIY gardening. Offering more than just a planting space, the Adonis series provides a unique green living experience, enabling families to enjoy the harmony of coexisting with nature.

The energy-efficient features of the Adonis series, including low electricity and water usage, were highly praised at the exhibition. Its fashionable design and user-friendly interface were also well-received, providing modern families with a sustainable and stylish option for healthy living.

GMY in China Dubai trade fair-01

Demeter Series Indoor Smart Planters: Creating a Personal 1 Square Meter 'Vegetable Garden' in Indoor Spaces

The Demeter series, designed for urban indoor spaces, creates a personal 'vegetable garden' of about 1 square meter. It features an innovative multi-layer vertical planting design, advanced plant lighting, hydroponic technology, and smart control systems, crafting the perfect environment for plant growth.

The Demeter series not only allows users to enjoy the experience of planting, but also enables them to harvest fresh fruits and vegetables they've grown themselves, providing families with 'zero pollution, zero residue, zero hormone' green ingredients for their daily meals.

Visitors at the exhibition highly commended the Demeter series for its water recycling irrigation system and energy-saving capabilities. These features highlight the series' strengths in eco-friendly planting and its potential to offer efficient and sustainable planting solutions for urban dwellers.

GMY in China Dubai trade fair-demeter

Numerous clients noted that, against the backdrop of an increasing global focus on green and healthy lifestyles, the innovativeness and practicality of LumiAgro's indoor planting solutions not only meet the market's demands but also lead the new trend in green living.

Challenging Special Climates - LumiAgro's Innovative Solutions for Facility Agriculture Become a Hot Topic

At this exhibition, LumiAgro showcased not only indoor planting solutions to meet the home gardening needs of urban residents but also tailored comprehensive plant factory and container planting solutions for the unique climate challenges of regions like the Middle East and North Africa. These solutions break through environmental and climatic limitations, offering a more efficient and eco-friendly new direction for facility agriculture.

GMY in China Dubai trade fair-plant factory

The LumiAgro facility agriculture lighting technology application solutions garnered significant attention from clients at this exhibition. Particularly for regions facing harsh climates and limited resources, LumiAgro's plant factories and containerized planting solutions provide a sustainable approach to agricultural production.

GMY in China Dubai trade fair-planting container system

Following in-depth interactions with global clients, the LumiAgro team received extensive positive feedback. Some clients expressed their willingness for further cooperation after understanding the solutions and are looking forward to continued interaction and engagement to explore more possibilities in practical applications.

GMY Illuminates the Path for Innovative Lighting Technology Applications

The 15th China (UAE) Trade Fair concluded successfully. At this exhibition, GMY engaged deeply and closely with both new and existing global partners. This not only provided clients with a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of our solutions and product range but also deepened our understanding of market trends and demands. Looking forward, GMY will continue to focus on lighting technology innovation, integrating more new products and technologies into industry development, bringing more innovative ideas in lighting technology applications to our global customers. We look forward to meeting you again.

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