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GMY Meets Dubai: LumiAgro Container Farming Breaks The Boundaries of Vegetable Cultivation

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In the sweltering and dry conditions of the tropical desert,

is it possible to enjoy fresh local vegetables all year round?

Meet us in Dubai, where GMY is set to showcase

the "new technology" that breaks the boundaries of vegetable cultivation.

planting container

With the rapid development of modern agricultural technology, traditional agriculture, once reliant on the whims of nature, is now experiencing a surge of innovation through its integration with cutting-edge technology. These evolving planting technologies are not just happening in modern greenhouses but also in containers that occupy less than 30 square meters, breaking traditional planting boundaries and enabling the production of vegetables throughout all seasons, offering a fresh perspective and new ideas for the development of modern agriculture.

At the upcoming 15th China (Dubai) Trade Fair, GMY's professional plant lighting brand LumiAgro will bring innovative container hydroponic farming solutions to the event, providing a new choice for modern agricultural cultivation for merchants from the Middle East and North Africa who are focused on facility agriculture.


LumiAgro Container Hydroponic Farming Solution: Suitable for Various Complex Environmental Climates

The LumiAgro container hydroponic farming solution is an innovative agricultural cultivation technology that can be scientifically customized according to different regional environmental and climatic conditions and cultivation needs, achieving year-round, continuous, and efficient production of crops. This can serve as a "year-round home garden" for communities, restaurants, and supermarkets in the city, providing fresh vegetables, and effectively solving the fresh vegetable supply problems in special scenarios like border areas, plateaus, and deserts.

planting container-01

Breaking Boundaries: Containers Transform into "Vegetable Greenhouses"

The LumiAgro container hydroponic farming system is known as the "boundary-breaking, year-round vegetable supply solution." Compared to field and greenhouse cultivation, this system not only overcomes the challenges and limitations of traditional agriculture, such as geographical environment, climate, and pests but also maximizes the use of planting space through vertical farming and container stacking, reducing the occupation of arable land resources, and providing tastier fresh vegetables.

planting container-02

According to years of experimentation at LumiAgro plant factories, the LumiAgro container hydroponic farming system can cultivate a variety of vegetables, including Italian lettuce, red oak lettuce, Chinese broccoli, and ice plant. The vegetables produced are tastier and more nutritious, ideal for creating fresh salads and adaptable to various cooking methods, making them an excellent choice for healthy light food.

planting container-05

Efficient Cultivation: About 3400 Vegetables in 20 Days

The LumiAgro container hydroponic farming system incorporates state-of-the-art intelligent environmental control systems, achieving precise closed-loop control of lighting, temperature, moisture, air, and nutrients. This not only ensures that vegetables grow in suitable environmental conditions but also significantly speeds up growth and ensures stable yields. According to LumiAgro's years of experimental data, for example, with Italian lettuce, a 40-foot container can plant about 3400 vegetables (about 200 kg) each time, with an annual yield of about 3000-3600 kg.

planting container-04

Safe and Environmentally Friendly: Providing Fresh Green Food

As consumers increasingly focus on food safety and environmental friendliness, LumiAgro continues to innovate in technology, offering a safer, healthier, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly vegetable cultivation model for modern agriculture.

  • Food Safety:

LumiAgro's container hydroponic farming system uses advanced hydroponic technology to avoid the use of pesticides, ensuring vegetables are hormone-free, pollution-free, and residue-free. Additionally, the precise environmental control maintains a dust-free, sterile, and pest-free growth environment for plants, avoiding the use of insecticides and meeting global food safety standards, thus fulfilling the high requirements for the production of green and healthy food.

  • Water Saving:

Traditional agriculture accounts for about 70% of global annual water usage, making it a major consumer of freshwater. In response, LumiAgro's container hydroponic farming system uses closed-loop hydroponic irrigation technology that requires over 90% less water than traditional agricultural systems, helping to reduce water consumption in agricultural production.

  • Fresh and Healthy:

The LumiAgro container hydroponic farming system is highly flexible and convenient, shortening the transportation time of vegetables from production to market. This not only reduces the loss of vegetables during transport but also ensures the freshness and quality of the produce, reducing the use of preservatives.

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GMY Cordially Invites You to the Dubai Gala

As an important part of modern facility agriculture, container hydroponic farming technology is gradually gaining widespread attention and promotion for its unique advantages. At the upcoming 15th China (Dubai) Trade Fair, GMY (Booth numbers: AI209-AI210) eagerly anticipates your visit and looks forward to exploring new trends in modern agricultural cultivation technology together.

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