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GMY Ultraviolet Light Cleaning | Facilitating High-Quality Development in Manufacturing

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Amid rapid technological advancements and the restructuring of the global industrial landscape, advanced manufacturing has become a focal point for development globally. This sector, characterized by high added value, high-tech content, superior quality, and high efficiency, serves as a significant driver for national economic transformation and sustainable development.

As the advanced manufacturing industry thrives, production standards and quality requirements in sectors such as electronics, semiconductors, new energy technologies, biotechnology, and advanced manufacturing are continuously being elevated. Particularly, the pursuit of cleanliness on product surfaces has become increasingly evident.

Precision cleaning, an indispensable step in the production process of advanced manufacturing, is a case in point. Traditional cleaning methods (like water washing, chemical solution washing, ultrasonic cleaning, etc.) are no longer sufficient to meet most advanced manufacturing requirements. Therefore, safely and eco-friendly removal of organic pollutants from material surfaces to ensure product reliability and high yield rate has become a key challenge for most advanced manufacturing industries.

In this regard, ultraviolet (UV) light cleaning technology offers an innovative solution. With its superior performance and cleaning results, this technology not only achieves high cleanliness unattainable by traditional cleaning methods, but also contributes to product reliability and high yield rate, providing robust technical support for the further development of the advanced manufacturing industry.

GMY UV Light Cleaning Solution

As a professional manufacturer and solution provider of UV technology, GMY's UV light cleaning solution adopts advanced 172nm excimer light cleaning processing technology. Compared to traditional UV mercury lamp cleaning, this innovative technology shows more prominent results in removing organic pollutants from product surfaces. Additionally, the 172nm excimer lamp has a high radiation power density, which can significantly shorten the cleaning time and thus help enterprises improve production efficiency.

172nm excimer172nm准分子灯

△172nm excimer lamp

01.Product Features:

  • High-energy photons: Better suited for material processing

  • High reliability: Provides stable long-term operation

  • High stability: Consistent output power and wavelength

  • Customizable: Can be tailored according to equipment requirements

  • User-friendly: Easy and convenient to operate

  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly: Lower energy consumption, more sustainable

02. Technical Advantages:

UV light cleaning technology, as an innovative cleaning process, possesses many technical advantages in the manufacturing industry:

  • Non-contact method, can be performed directly in the air, no drying process required after cleaning;

  • Surfaces cleaned by UV light are almost free from damage or crystal defects;

  • Ensures high product reliability, high yield rate, and uniformity of surface cleaning treatment;

  • No secondary pollution, beneficial for environmental protection.

03. Application Areas:

  • Liquid crystal display devices

  • Semiconductor silicon wafers

  • Integrated circuits

  • Optical devices

  • Solar cell manufacturing

  • Biopharmaceuticals

  • Micro-nano manufacturing

About GMY Lighting Technology

Founded in 1998, GMY is dedicated to the research and manufacturing of lighting technology applications. The company boasts a professional R&D team and is recognized as a national "High-tech Enterprise", "Post-doctoral Research Workstation", "Enterprise Technology Center" in Guangdong Province, and a "Specialized, Refined, Unique, and New" SME in Guangdong Province.

GMY provides professional products and services for fields such as sense-controlled disinfection, medical health, advanced manufacturing, environmental protection, aquaculture, and facility agriculture through professional light source components and advanced technical solutions.

We look forward to 'illuminating a better life' alongside our partners. Our commitment is to consistently enhance the customer experience and create added value, striving for a mutually beneficial balance between social and commercial interests.

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