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GMY in UAE | Innovative Lighting Technology Applications Debut, Continuously Praised by Visitors

Views: 5341     Author: GMY     Publish Time: 2023-06-15      Origin: Site

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From June 13th to 15th, the China (UAE) Trade Fair 2023 was grandly held at the Dubai World Trade Center. The UAE, as an important transportation hub and trade center in the Middle East, this fair covers many regions including the six Gulf countries, seven Western Asian countries, African and southern European countries. GMY was honored to be invited to the fair, and with years of professional technical accumulation, it has opened a global "lighting technology" feast for industry insiders and audiences.


GMY Becomes a Focus of Attention in the UAE

The fair was bustling with a constant influx of visiting businesses. GMY attracted a large number of businesses with its unique innovative product solutions and dynamic and novel interactive display methods. Through on-site, close-up experiences and explanations by the GMY professional team, the visiting businesses gained a deeper understanding of the characteristics and advantages of GMY's lighting technology solutions.

China UAE trade fair_副本

GMY's Innovative Lighting Technology Products Receive High Praise and Recognition from Visitors

For over 20 years, GMY has always focused on the R&D and manufacturing of lighting technology applications. At this fair, GMY comprehensively displayed innovative SafeGlo UV products and new LumiAgro plant series products. Businesses highly praised these, expressing that these innovative lighting technology solutions not only opened their new understanding of lighting technology, showed the great potential of lighting technology, but also let them personally feel the positive impact that lighting technology has brought to life.

China UAE trade fair01_副本

At the fair, the PEP ONE personal environment purifier was widely recognized by businesses. They stated that the product is well-designed and outstanding in functionality. It can improve and purify the surrounding air environment anytime and anywhere, safeguarding personal health, which is very in line with the needs of modern people.

China UAE trade fair13_副本

Regarding the Adonis and Demeter products in the LumiAgro planting series, businesses also expressed their surprise and appreciation. Adonis and Demeter series products allow users to grow various vegetables and spices at home. Even in indoor environments, they can ensure the healthy growth of plants, which impresses people with the innovation in lighting technology.

China UAE trade fair23_副本

It's worth mentioning that LumiAgro, as a brand under GMY that focuses on agricultural planting lighting, has also received deep recognition and high praise from businesses for its modular container planting system displayed at this time. They pointed out that in areas with harsh climate and scarce water resources, vegetable production is often limited, leading to high vegetable prices. GMY's modular container planting system can break through geographical and climatic restrictions, achieve year-round vegetable planting, and has very promising prospects and potential.

China UAE trade fair17_副本

In addition, during the exhibition, many businesses expressed after in-depth communication with the GMY professional team that LumiAgro has a leading core technology advantage in the field of agricultural planting lighting and look forward to more opportunities for exchange and cooperation in the future. The praise and affirmation from businesses further strengthen GMY's confidence in the continuous exploration in the field of lighting technology.

GMY Lighting Technology Sincerely Invites All Parties to Share the Feast

The China (UAE) Trade Fair 2023, gathering advanced wisdom and innovative technology from various industries, injects new impetus into the new journey of industry development. For GMY, the fair not only demonstrates the application of lighting technology in agriculture and family health, but also provides GMY with a broader exchange space with global businesses. During the exhibition period (June 13-15), GMY sincerely invites all parties to visit our booth (3F117) to jointly explore how to empower a better life with lighting technology.

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