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GMY in UAE | LumiGro Desktop Cultivator Brings the Joy of Indoor Gardening Right to Your Home

Views: 3795     Author: GMY     Publish Time: 2023-05-31      Origin: Site

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As urbanization intensifies, city dwellers' longing for a touch of pastoral life has never been more profound. How can this busy, urban crowd, lacking gardening experience, plant their own vegetables and create a vibrant living space, thus realizing their rural dream? Indoor planter offer an ideal solution, becoming a fashionable centrepiece of home life.

At the forthcoming China (UAE) Trade Fair 2023(14th China Homelife Dubai), LumiGro, a renowned brand of professional agricultural lighting under GMY, will introduce its innovative Adonis series home planter to the global stage, showcasing cutting-edge lighting solutions for home gardening.

Elegant Design Transforms Gardening into a Pleasurable Lifestyle

The design of the Adonis series seamlessly blends ecological consciousness with contemporary aesthetics, aiming to establish a miniature ecosystem for every household, thus actualizing the green living ideal. Its user-friendly operation allows both gardening enthusiasts and novices to plant their desired plants effortlessly, reveling in the joy of green gardening. Notably, the Adonis series transcends the traditional bounds of planting fresh fruits and vegetables, serving also as a stylish home decoration. Its sleek design vividly presents the growth journey of plants, injecting a vivacious, lively ambiance into domestic life.


Zero-Residue Hydroponics Guarantees Safer and More Delicious Produce

The Adonis series employs hydroponic planting methods, utilizing safe and efficient nutrient solution technology to supply plants with essential nutrients, trace elements, and minerals, thus fostering healthy growth. At the same time, it ensures fruits and vegetables are pesticide-free, rendering consumption safer and more delicious.

Unhindered by Climate, Enjoy Year-round Harvests

Furthermore, the Adonis home planter comes equipped with high-quality LED lighting specialized for plant growth and an oxygen-enhancing water circulation system. This setup allows plants to grow throughout their life cycle without the constraints of climate. The professional LED plant lights mimic sunlight and can adjust the distance to the plants according to their growth, promoting more efficient light absorption. This not only enhances photosynthetic efficiency but also accelerates plant growth by about 30% compared to traditional methods, enabling year-round harvests.


Smart Management for Effortless and Eco-friendly Cultivation

The Adonis series simplifies the gardening process with its intelligent management system. Once powered on, users can scientifically control the duration of light exposure and the water pump's operation cycle via a timer function. Coupled with a large-capacity water tank, daily watering and maintenance become unnecessary, offering peace of mind even during short absences from home. The Adonis home planter not only facilitates easy gardening but also significantly enhances energy efficiency. Compared to traditional gardening methods, it can save up to 90% of water resources and boasts superior electricity usage efficiency.

LumiGro is dedicated to the story of light and growth. At the upcoming China (UAE) Trade Fair 2023(14th China Homelife Dubai), the Adonis series of home planters will offer users in the Middle East a novel home cultivation experience. GMY cordially invites you to join this trade expo to delve into the role of lighting technology in promoting green living and inaugurate a new era of green planting.

Creating Better Life with Light



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