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GMY in UAE | The excitement never stops, we look forward to meeting you again!

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GMY in UAE Successfully Concludes

The China (UAE) Trade Fair 2023(China Home Life Dubai) has successfully wrapped up at the Dubai World Trade Center. Serving as a commercial bridge between China and the UAE, GMY impressed with a professional brand presentation, innovative product philosophy, and the strength of its light technology, not only leading industry trends, but also adding new possibilities to everyday life. Although the exhibition has come to an end, the highlights GMY presented continue to leave a profound impression.

Innovative Light Technology Products Shine; GMY Captures Attention

During the three-day exhibition, there was a steady stream of visitors to the GMY booth. Under the warm reception of the GMY team, customers held in-depth technical discussions and business negotiations, achieving direct communication. This allowed customers to gain a deeper understanding of GMY's products and solutions, and enabled GMY to better grasp consumer experiences and needs.

Moreover, at this exhibition, GMY was honored to engage in-depth exchanges on production experiences, cutting-edge technologies, industry trends, and application prospects with industry experts, peers, and partners. We look forward to gaining more innovative inspirations and improvement ideas by pooling various opinions and suggestions, thus driving the continuous progress of our products and business.

Innovative Light Technology Solutions Demonstrate GMY's Core Strength

In this exhibition, GMY comprehensively showcased innovative applications of light technology in home health living and agricultural planting. The company received unanimous praise and positive feedback from visitors thanks to its outstanding product capabilities, professional R&D skills, and excellent service abilities.

The products exhibited by GMY, including the SafeGlo ultraviolet series and the LumiAgro planting series solutions, aim to create new lifestyles and production methods for customers through the power of light technology.

China home life Dubai01

China home life Dubai02

China home life Dubai03

China home life Dubai04

China home life Dubai05

At the exhibition, GMY, with its sharp insights into modern consumer groups, launched the PEP ONE personal environment purifier. This product uses ultraviolet and photocatalytic technology to disinfect and purify surrounding air, protecting personal health anytime, anywhere.

China home life Dubai06

Worth mentioning are the Adonis and Demeter products from the LumiAgro planting series, which became the focus of the exhibition. These innovative smart home planting products break the limitations of space and climate conditions. By simulating sunlight with professional plant supplementary lighting technology, they create an environment conducive to plant growth, allowing urban dwellers to grow healthy and tasty fruits and vegetables at home, satisfying their yearning for a pastoral lifestyle.

China home life Dubai07

During the exhibition, the LumiAgro modular container planting system showcased by GMY also attracted a large number of customers. They pointed out that GMY's modular container planting system can break through climate limitations and achieve year-round vegetable planting. It provides an efficient, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving agricultural planting solution for facility agriculture, and has a considerable prospect and potential.

GMY is always committed to the R&D and manufacturing of light technology applications, covering innovative light technology solutions in various industry fields such as sensor-controlled disinfection, medical health, high-end manufacturing, animal husbandry, facility agriculture, and environmental purification. This satisfies the diverse needs of customers. GMY, with its professional strength, brand advantages, and high-quality products and services, has won the recognition and support of numerous customers.

GMY Looks Forward to Meeting You Again

Looking back at the exciting moments of the exhibition, GMY extends sincere thanks to all attending customers. In the future, GMY will continue to focus on innovation in light technology, infuse more new products and new technologies into industry development, construct a greener, environmentally friendly, and healthier living environment for global customers. GMY looks forward to meeting you again.

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