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Highlights Recap | GMY's Successful Participation in the 2023 Aquatech China

Views: 2371     Author: GMY     Publish Time: 2023-06-09      Origin: Site

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Shanghai, China - The Aquatech China 2023, held at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, concluded on a high note. During this remarkable "feast of water," GMY showcased its innovative technologies and solutions in water treatment using light technology. Numerous industry experts and visitors flocked to the GMY booth, making the exhibition a memorable success.

Centerstage at the Exhibition

Throughout the three-day at the Aquatech China, GMY focused on presenting the innovative applications of light technology in areas such as wastewater purification, aquaculture water treatment, preparation of ultrapure water through total organic carbon (TOC) degradation, and disinfection treatment for household drinking water machines. With unique product advantages and professional services, GMY successfully captured the attention and engaged the inquiries of visiting professionals.


Innovative Products and Highlights Galore

With over 20 years of dedicated research and development in the application of light technology, GMY has established itself as a leading manufacturer and solution provider in the field. Through continuous innovation, GMY boasts outstanding product strength, innovative design capabilities, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and high-quality services. As a professional manufacturer of ultraviolet (UV) products, GMY has developed various UV water treatment solutions to meet diverse customer needs. These solutions garnered favor and recognition from the exhibition visitors.


▲Aquaculture water purification treatment scheme


▲TOC degradation technology for pure water treatment


▲Sewage purification treatment scheme

Two key innovative water treatment solutions launched by GMY at the Aquatech China, namely the disinfection treatment for household drinking water machines and short-wave ultraviolet water purification, became the focal points of attention. Most visitors acknowledged that the application of UV in water treatment not only significantly enhances disinfection and purification efficiency but also ensures water quality reliability. This UV water treatment technology holds immense potential for widespread adoption in the water treatment industry.

Disinfection Treatment for Household Drinking Water Machines

The disinfection treatment for household drinking water machines employs highly efficient UV light sources, utilizing rapid and intense UV irradiation to effectively eliminate pathogenic microorganisms in drinking water. Installation inside the water machine's pipeline ensures quick and efficient disinfection treatment as water flows through, meeting the disinfection needs of households, communities, or institutional-level drinking water.

Short-Wave UV Water Purification Solution

GMY's short-wave UV water purification solution utilizes a UV over-current algae-killing device that emits both 185nm and 254nm UV simultaneously. Compared to traditional light sources, it offers higher energy output, ensuring more reliable water disinfection and purification results. Additionally, it effectively removes algae from the water, showcasing exceptional disinfection and purification performance.

GMY Looks Forward to Meeting You Again

At this year's Aquatech China, GMY welcomed new and existing partners from around the world. Through close experiences and interactions, visitors gained deeper and more intuitive insights into the application of light technology in water treatment. Meanwhile, their expectations and confidence in GMY increased. In the future, GMY will actively persist in research and development, further exploring the potential of light technology in water treatment, and providing continuous support and assistance for the high-quality development of the water treatment industry. We look forward to partnering with you to enable a better life through light technology.

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