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Intense Pulsed Light Disinfection Module

The GMY IPL Pulsed Intense Light Disinfection Module offers high stability and reliability, ensuring exceptional disinfection performance. This product is suitable for disinfecting food surfaces, food packaging, food conveyer belts, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other areas. Compared to traditional UV disinfection, its energy efficiency is 50 times greater, achieving rapid and efficient disinfection in just 1ms. Its compact design makes the GMY IPL module easily integratable into various devices, catering to diverse application scenarios.

Pulsed Intense Light Disinfection Module


● High Efficiency & Stability: Disinfection time as short as 1ms, with a disinfection rate reaching LOG4-5, ideal for fast-paced assembly lines.

● Superior Energy Efficiency: The energy required for IPL is only 1/50th of that of traditional UV disinfection to achieve the same disinfection results.

● High Penetration: Microsecond-level electric-to-light energy conversion, producing peak power and a broad spectrum surpassing UV light.

● Low-temperature Operation: The pulse mode releases energy in a very short time, preventing heat accumulation, ensuring the photothermal process doesn't affect temperature variations.

● High Adaptability: Compact and user-friendly design, easy to integrate into various devices, suitable for different environments.

● Instant Control: Capable of instantaneous start and stop, immediate operation without the need for preheating.

● Safe & Reliable: No chemicals used, environmentally friendly disinfection method, mercury-free.


● Power: 60W

● Lifespan: ≥8 million cycles

● Operating Ambient Temperature: ≤50℃

● Wavelength: 200-1100nm

● Voltage: DC24V 3A

● Lamp Tube Size: φ8*180mm

● Module Size: 321173*82mm

● UV Irradiation Intensity: 10000μW/cm^2

● Disinfection Rate: 99.9%

● Flash Duration: 100uS

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