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Meet at the Canton Fair | GMY's New Radiation Detection Product Takes Center Stage, Showcasing Cutting-edge Technology that Commands Attention!

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At the 134th Canton Fair, GMY, with its strong market reputation and forward-looking solutions, attracted numerous exhibitors and business visitors for discussions and exchanges. Among the showcased products, the radiation detection device, as one of the new series, garnered widespread attention. Especially business visitors interested in the environmental protection sector flocked to understand GMY's design philosophy, core technology, and practical applications of its radiation detection solution. Together, they explored the trends in radiation detection, safety standards, and future collaboration opportunities.

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GMY's Radiation Detection Solution

As widely recognized, the health risks posed by high doses of radiation to the human body are significant, leading to issues such as cell and tissue damage, cancer, genetic effects, acute radiation syndrome, and immune system damage. In response, GMY, leveraging its research and manufacturing capabilities in Geiger-Müller tubes, collaborated with partners to develop the radiation detection device. Its purpose is to provide the public with accurate and real-time radiation detection, ensuring a safe living environment and helping to mitigate health risks caused by radiation.

Geiger Tube Core Technology Advantage: Enhancing Sensitivity and Accuracy

The Geiger-Müller tube, as the core component of the radiation detection device, plays a crucial role in determining the sensitivity and accuracy of radiation detection. To meet the high-quality demands for the Geiger tubes in radiation detectors, GMY, with over 20 years of research and manufacturing experience, has developed a series of Geiger tubes. These products not only boast high sensitivity and large pulse amplitude but also demonstrate remarkable stability and reliability, operating smoothly within a temperature range of -25°C to 40°C. This ensures both the accuracy and consistency of radiation detection and can cater to various radiation detection environmental needs.


Radiation Detection Solution: GMY Radiation Detector

Capitalizing on the core technology advantages of the Geiger-Müller tubes, GMY showcased its radiation detector at the Canton Fair, offering visitors a more intuitive and convenient choice for radiation detection.

● Features a large LCD screen for real-time monitoring and multifunctional operations;

● Emits audible and visual alarms when radiation levels exceed safe thresholds;

● Compact and lightweight design caters to various measurement needs;

● Equipped with a 1200mAh battery and built-in memory, ensuring battery longevity and data security.


Broad Application Scenarios

Moreover, the GMY radiation detector has extensive applicability. It can be used not only in radiology departments, nuclear power plants, and other medical and industrial environments but also for everyday life and personal protection against radiation. Many business visitors commented that the GMY radiation detector stands out in performance and practicality, showing considerable market potential.


GMY Looks Forward to Meeting You Again

GMY's exhibition at this Canton Fair has successfully concluded. In the future, GMY will continue to keep pace with market demands, dedicate itself to technological innovation, and infuse more vitality into the environmental purification sector with the power of lighting technology. We look forward to joining hands with partners and clients to co-create a greener and safer future.

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