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Sneak Peek at Aquatech China 2023 | GMY Showcasing Revolutionary Ultraviolet Disinfection Technology to Propel Aquaculture Industry

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The essential role of water quality management in aquaculture is unquestionable. A popular adage states, "prioritize water before raising fish," indicating the direct impact of water conditions on both the yield and quality of aquatic produce. As aquaculture evolves towards higher density and intensified farming, the widespread use of chemical disinfectants and antibiotics exacerbates water pollution. Despite traditional chemical water disinfection measures marginally enhancing the growth environment and economic yield of aquaculture, the process's inherent flaws and metabolite residues within aquatic products and the environment pose significant threats to the health of aquatic produce and humans. Consequently, the demand for a safe, efficient, and pollution-free water disinfection solution is on the rise.

Ultraviolet light has been steadily gaining recognition within aquaculture due to advances in water disinfection technology and is now widely employed across fish farms, oyster farms, aquariums, and hatcheries. At the upcoming Aquatech China 2023, GMY, an outstanding manufacturer and solutions provider of UV products, will showcase innovative ultraviolet water disinfection solutions, offering a novel and effective tool for water quality management in aquaculture.


Ultraviolet Disinfection Technology: A Blend of Efficiency and Sustainability

Top-notch, efficient UV disinfection products enable farms to manage water quality more effectively, control algal blooms, and inhibit pathogen proliferation, thereby enhancing farming efficiency and securing the health and safety of aquatic products. The advantages of UV disinfection technology are numerous:

Highly effective disinfection: Drastically diminishes waterborne microbes, preventing disease transmission.

Consistent operation: Allows continuous, long-term operation ensuring consistent and excellent disinfection results.

Safe and environmentally conscious: Eliminates the need for chemical additives, promoting environmental sustainability and fostering healthy growth of aquatic products, free from secondary pollution.

User-friendly: Offers simple operation and maintenance.

UV-based Algae Control Enhances Aquaculture Water Quality

GMY's cutting-edge UV water disinfection solution employs UV irradiation technology that disrupts the DNA/RNA of microbes or pathogens, hindering their replication and proliferation.In particular, the UV irradiation effectively the growth of excessive algae in water.

Ultraviolet Disinfection: A Guard to Aquatic Health

GMY's UV water disinfection solution showcases remarkable disinfection and purification capabilities against a wide range of microbes, including bacteria, pathogens, and viruses. Not only does it create a superior living environment for aquatic products, ensuring their quality growth, but it also increases productivity and output value for aquaculture enterprises. More significantly, GMY's UV water disinfection solution effectively curbs the spread of diseases and infections, drastically reducing mortality rates in aquatic products due to diseases. All the while, it establishes a robust protective barrier for the healthy growth of aquatic products by averting water pollution.


Versatile Ultraviolet Disinfection Technology for Diverse Farming Scenarios

GMY's UV water disinfection solution is versatile and suitable for various settings such as hatcheries, recirculating aquaculture, raw water treatment for farming, shrimp and shellfish farms, aquariums, and aquatic laboratories. It also delivers excellent results in managing supply water and wastewater.

With over 20 years of dedication to R&D and manufacturing of lighting technology applications, GMY is committed to harnessing the power of lighting technology to drive the water treatment industry's evolution. The application of UV water disinfection has satisfied the aquaculture industry's need for efficient water quality management, addressed the harmful residual issues posed by traditional treatment methods, and combated water pollution effectively.

As we prepare for Aquatech China 2023 (Booth number: 7.1H1017), we are excited to explore the realm of sustainable development with you. We cordially invite you to join us in discussing the innovative applications of lighting technology in water treatment. Together, let's create a better life.

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