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Unveiling the Innovative Application of Excimer UV Curing Technology in Actual Production

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As society evolves, consumers' demand for life quality and home environment is escalating, and expectations for the quality and sensory experience of home products are ever higher. Therefore, the modern home industry has undergone rapid development.

In this context, home panels, as an essential component of the modern home field, have also achieved diversified technological innovation. In recent years, excimer panels, known for their high-quality characteristics like wear resistance, anti-fouling, anti-fingerprint, and reparability, have received extensive attention and admiration in the market. The realization of these superior features cannot be separated from a key technology - Excimer UV curing technology.

01.Innovative Application of Excimer UV Curing Technology in Actual Production

The term "Excimer" might be a novelty for many. In reality, however, excimer light source technology has existed for many years and has been successfully applied in several industrial areas, such as surface treatment, disinfection, industrial processing, lighting, etc. Yet, in photo-curing applications, the unique effects exhibited by the excimer light source have garnered more and more attention in recent years.

Network diagram

"Excimer UV Curing Technology," a form of photo-curing technology, has become one of the hotspots in the photo-curing application field in recent years. For instance, excimer panels - their unique matte and tactile effects are realized through the application of excimer UV curing technology.

In the curing process of excimer panels, a combination of excimer UV curing and medium-pressure UV mercury lamp curing is used. Among them, 172nm excimer UV curing technology, as one of the key technologies, is the main technique to achieve the matte and tactile effects of excimer panels. The principle is that the 172nm excimer light is short-wave UV, with limited penetration (100-500nm), and can only cure the surface of the coating. The combination of these two curing methods produces microscopic wrinkles on the surface of the coating, forming diffuse reflection of light, thereby achieving matte and tactile effects.

Picture-excimer film forming process

△ Picture: excimer film forming process

02.GMY Lighting Technology: Excimer UV Curing Solution

As a professional UV lamp manufacturer and solution provider, GMY possesses a complete series of UV lamp products. Specifically, for different photo-curing needs of advanced manufacturing, GMY's proposed excimer UV curing solution's core lies in using the 172nm high-energy UV light to break molecular bonds, promote monomer molecular cross-linking reaction, and realize material curing. Compared to traditional UV curing technology, this technique more precisely controls surface functionality curing, shortens curing time, and simultaneously achieves excellent surface curing modification effects.

GMY 172nm excimer light source

GMY 172nm excimer light source

GMY 172nm excimer module

△ GMY 172nm excimer module

Application range:

  • Coating and bonding

  • Printing

  • Inkjet

  • 3D printing

  • Packaging industry

  • Excimer panels

03.Introduction to GMY Lighting Technology

Founded in 1998, GMY focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of lighting technology applications. The company has a professional R&D team and has been recognized as a national "High-tech Enterprise," "Postdoctoral Research Workstation," "Enterprise Technology Center" in Guangdong Province, and a "Specialized, Fine, Special, New Small and Medium Enterprise" in Guangdong Province.

Leveraging professional light source components and advanced technological solutions, GMY delivers specialized products and services for fields including touch control disinfection, medical health, advanced manufacturing, environmental purification, livestock farming, and facility agriculture.

We look forward to "creating a better life with light" along with our partners. We strive to continually enhance customer experience, create value for customers, and achieve mutual benefits in social and business value.

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