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Supporting Pitaya Planting Base in Vietnam 
with Supplemental Lighting Technology

Dragon fruit, a long-day plant, needs substantial sunlight to flourish and fruit. Consequently, it enters a dormant phase from November to April each year, inhibiting fruit production. 

To augment its bloom frequency, prolong the production period, and achieve off-peak market availability, giving a market and price advantage, GMY designed an artificial supplementary lighting solution for dragon fruit farms in Pan Thiet, Vietnam. 

The solution uses effective flowering spectrum technology, employing blooming lights to boost flowering and annual yield.

"Naturally, dragon fruit is marketed from June to October, a period with fierce competition from other fruits, thus often lowering its price. However, adopting GMY's artificial lighting technology allows the fruit to bypass this peak period, reducing sales pressure and substantially improving economic benefits."

Supporting Xinhui Tangerine Planting Base 
with Supplemental Lighting Technology

During the rapid expansion of the dried tangerine peel industry, Xinhui tangerine grafting technology has been extensively utilized. 

However, factors such as environmental conditions, seasonal climates, and geographical regions extend the growth cycle of the rootstock and grafted Xinhui tangerine seedlings, restricting production scale. 

To combat this, GMY implemented a "two-stage" efficient lighting solution for Xinhui tangerine farms to abbreviate the nursery phase. 

In the rootstock nursery stage, full indoor artificial light cultivation is employed, reducing the rootstock growth cycle from a year to six months according to statistics. 

In the grafted seedling stage, greenhouse supplementary lighting stimulates growth, shaping, and fruiting.

"This solution significantly accelerates the growth of the rootstock and grafted Xinhui seedlings, provides high-quality seedlings for cultivation, and thereby augments the production scale of Xinhui tangerines."

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