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Breakthrough! GMY Aids in New Advances in Domestic Energy Storage Capacitor Film Performance

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Recently, the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced exciting news: a significant breakthrough in the performance of energy storage capacitor films. The research, conducted by Researcher Shao Tao's team in collaboration with others, has been published in the renowned journal Advanced Materials. In this study, the 172nm and 222nm excimer lamp products provided by GMY played a crucial role.

Technical Breakthrough Enhances Capacitor Film Performance

Film capacitors are widely used in various fields such as power systems, energy storage, communication equipment, medical devices, and consumer electronics due to their excellent properties, including high insulation strength, superior frequency characteristics, and low dielectric loss. Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) is a key material for film capacitors, but its performance bottleneck at high temperatures has been a critical constraint.

It is reported that Shao Tao's team utilized GMY's 172nm and 222nm excimer lamps to efficiently generate excimer ultraviolet light, which has high photon energy and is environmentally friendly. This light directly irradiates and modifies BOPP in ambient air, breaking and reconstructing bonds, decomposing oxygen molecules to produce oxygen atoms, and forming more thermally stable C-O bonds without introducing new interface issues. The modified BOPP's breakdown field increased by 17% at room temperature and 52% at 120°C, with its energy discharge density improving from 4 MJ/m³ to 7.5 MJ/m³ at room temperature. Additionally, this method can be extended to other high-temperature dielectric films, demonstrating good versatility.

Product Introductions

222 (2)

GMY 222nm Excimer Module

The SafeGlo 222nm Far-UVC Germicidal Lamp is designed for space disinfection, using 222nm far-UVC light to effectively eliminate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, achieving efficient disinfection.


GMY 172nm Excimer Light Source

GMY’s excimer UV curing technology uses 172nm UV light from the excimer lamp to break molecular bonds and promote cross-linking reactions between different monomer molecules, resulting in the functional curing of materials.


GMY 172nm Excimer Cleaning and Modification Machine

Used for the high-energy decomposition and cleaning of organic particles on the surfaces of metal or silicon-based materials, enhancing the performance of semiconductor or battery components.

Efficient Improvement, Green Technology

In this study, GMY’s two light source products played a pivotal role. As a “soft” modification method, the process does not involve any chemical reagents or produce high-pollution by-products, offering advantages such as a single-step process, high throughput, and low energy consumption. Its superior performance provides strong support for overcoming the performance bottleneck of domestic energy storage capacitor films.

GMY always adheres to the principles of gratitude, innovation, and mutual benefit, providing efficient and environmentally friendly light source products to researchers, supporting scientific innovation, and promoting technological advancement. We look forward to collaborating with more research teams to explore new frontiers in material science and contribute more to the progress of technology.


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