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GMY Illuminates Green Planting | Lychee Stem Borer Light Repulsion Technology

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GMY has conducted trials of its Lychee Stem Borer Light Deterrence Technology in a fruit orchard in Shuangqiao Town, Heshan, Jiangmen. Trial data indicate that using light to deter the Lychee Stem Borer can effectively reduce the infestation rate. Compared to conventional chemical control methods, this technology offers higher control efficiency, is more environmentally friendly, and is cost-effective.


During the cultivation of lychees and longans, the stem borer is one of the main pests, whose larvae damage new shoots, flower panicles, and fruits, significantly impacting the yield and quality of lychees and longans. This pest is subject to a "zero tolerance" policy in the export of these fruits. Consequently, the focus has been on how to use efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly pest control technologies to ensure production quality and quantity.

GMY Lychee Stem Borer Light Repulsion Technology

In orchards severely affected by pests, farmers typically resort to frequent and extensive application of chemical pesticides. However, these chemical methods are not only weak in controlling larvae that penetrate the fruit, but are also unfriendly to the environment and pollinators. As a response, GMY has conducted experiments with green light (520nm) and intense pulsed light at night to repel the lychee stem borer.

Top-mounted green light scenario

Top-mounted green light scenario

IPL 平射处理

IPL side lighting treatment

IPL 底射处理

IPL bottom lighting treatment

Technical Principle:

The lychee stem borer, inherently photophobic and not attracted to light, emerges at night. By using supplemental lighting at night, the light can be utilized to repel the lychee stem borer.

Experiment Results:

Trial data from Mr. Li's orchard in Shuangqiao Town, Heshan, Jiangmen, show that lighting effectively repels stem borers, with a significantly lower infestation rate compared to untreated controls and standard pesticide management.

Technical Advantages:

  • Efficient Control: Lower infestation rates compared to chemical methods, effectively inhibiting the reproduction of stem borers.

  • Green and Environmental: Physical control technology reduces the use of insecticides and pesticides, avoiding ecological damage caused by the overuse of chemical products.

  • Cost-effective and Convenient: Lower investment cost compared to chemical control, with simple and easy operation.

Focusing on the Development and Application of Lighting and Plant Growth

GMY has over 20 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of lighting technology applications. Under the GMY brand, Lumiagro specializes in the research and development of lighting technology for plant growth, equipped with a professional technical team and a plant factory research center spanning 6,000 square meters.

strawberry plant factoryvegetable plant factory

With years of research development and technical expertise, Lumiagro has provided high-quality and professional technical services for various projects, such as supplemental lighting for Vietnamese dragon fruit and supporting xinhui tangerine planting base with supplemental lighting technology, earning high recognition and trust from partners.

Dragon fruit planting light project

supplemental lighting for Vietnamese dragon fruit

Xinhui orange planting fill light project

supporting xinhui tangerine planting base with supplemental lighting technology

We sincerely invite partners in lychee and longan cultivation to join us in exploring and implementing comprehensive green pest control strategies, bringing innovation and value to the lychee and longan industry, and jointly enhancing industry quality and efficiency.

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