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GMY in UAE | LumiAgro Sheds Light on the Mysteries of Plant Growth

Views: 5662     Author: GMY     Publish Time: 2023-06-13      Origin: Site

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Ever since British scientist Priestley uncovered the mysteries of photosynthesis in 1771, mankind has gained a deeper understanding of the key role of light in plant life. Sunlight not only provides plants with energy for growth, but also plays a crucial role in shaping plant form, promoting bud differentiation, and enhancing flowering and fruiting. However, the instability of natural light conditions often impacts plant yield and quality. Therefore, LumiAgro delves into the fascinating relationship between light and growth, merging lighting technology with agricultural cultivation. By using advanced supplementary lighting techniques, they create a more stable, high-quality environment for plant growth.


At the upcoming 2023 China (UAE) Trade Fair(China Home Life Dubai), LumiAgro will showcase their innovative Apollo series of plant growth lights. This series aims to provide a novel supplementary lighting solution for agricultural cultivation, optimizing plant growth and yield, enhancing the production efficiency of agricultural cultivation, and achieving sustainable, high-quality scientific cultivation.

Apollo Series Plant Growth Lights: Illuminating the Vitality of Plants

LumiAgro owns a plant factory with a total cultivation area of nearly 6,000 square meters, providing scientific and data support for the research and innovation of plant growth lights. Coupled with more than 20 years of experience in lighting technology research and manufacturing, LumiAgro has established a leading core technological advantage in the field of agricultural cultivation lighting.

plant factory

In particular, the Apollo series of plant growth lights offer comprehensive plant lighting solutions for various types of controlled environment agriculture (CEA), such as indoor/outdoor farming and urban agriculture. These products simulate sunlight and develop professional customization for the plant spectrum, thereby enhancing the efficiency of photosynthesis and promoting high-quality plant growth. The Apollo series has developed a variety of products for facility agriculture, including flowering lights, vegetable lights, tissue culture lights, and succulent lights, striving to fully meet the diverse lighting needs in agricultural cultivation.


In addition, the Apollo series also tailors plant growth lights for home gardening enthusiasts, including the FACHOI Lamp for money plant cultivation, the OCEANUS light for aquatic plants, and Par lights, etc. Whether for aquatic plants (like aquatic plants and algae) or various potted plants, the Apollo series can customize professional plant lighting spectrums based on the different characteristics of plants, aiming to create an ideal light environment for plant growth. In terms of product design, the Apollo series of home plant growth lights are easy to install and have a minimalist and beautiful design, suitable for various home styles and scenes. Therefore, this series not only meets the supplementary light needs of household plants, revitalizing their vitality but also serves as a unique element of home decoration, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere.


Containerized Modular Planting System: Anytime, Anywhere Vegetable Cultivation

In response to challenges brought about by the decrease in arable land and unstable climatic conditions to vegetable cultivation, LumiAgro proposes an innovative and complete plant growth solution — a containerized modular planting system. This system integrates all elements required for vegetable production (such as light, water, nutrition, temperature, air, humidity, etc.) into a single container module, breaking the limits of time and environmental conditions, and meeting the need for vegetable cultivation anytime, anywhere. LumiArgo's modular container planting system can be flexibly combined to make planting management easier and more convenient. At the same time, it can also be easily expanded to meet the needs of large-scale planting.

planting container-01

planting container02

In the intertwining of light and plant growth, LumiAgro is dedicated to exploring light sources that comply with the laws of plant growth and illuminating the mysteries of plant growth with the power of lighting technology. At this China (UAE) Trade Fair(China Home Life Dubai) (Dubai World Trade Center booth number: 3F117), we sincerely invite you to witness LumiAgro's outstanding performance in the field of supplementary planting lighting. We look forward to promoting the continuous development of lighting technology applications in the agricultural field together.

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