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Highlight Preview of the Canton Fair | GMY Reveals the "Secret" to Radiant and Supple Skin

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Skin whitening is a significant topic in the skincare industry. Beyond traditional methods like physical sun protection, oral supplements, and topical creams, a novel skin whitening technique called Milk Lighting Technology has gained popularity in recent years.

NIR Milk Light is a form of near-infrared radiation, spanning wavelengths from 900nm to 1800nm, peaking at 1300nm. This technology is specially designed for the skin, providing comprehensive and potent benefits for all skin types. Consequently, this breakthrough sets rigorous standards and demands regarding the spectrum and stability of the light source.

Hihlight Preview of the Canton Fair

Responding to this market need, GMY, with its profound expertise and experience in lighting technology, introduces a specialized light source for NIR Milk Light skin treatments—the Milk Light Halogen Lamp. This breakthrough enhances the realm of medical aesthetics through advanced lighting technology. Furthermore, at the upcoming 134th Canton Fair, GMY will showcase a broad range of professional light sources and solutions intended for the healthcare sector. This includes the IPL Pulse Xenon Lamp, the 308nm Excimer Light Source, and medical halogen lamps. We look forward to your visit from October 15-19.

  • Exhibition Date: October 15-19, 2023

  • Venue: Canton Fair Pazhou Exhibition Hall

  • Booth No.: 15.4 A21-22/B01-02

About NIR Milk Light Technology

Penetrating beyond the epidermis, it heats water molecules in the dermis, prompting them to absorb the energy from the milk light, generating heat. This heat stimulates the growth of collagen deep in the dermis. As new collagen forms and arranges, it compensates for the collagen that has shrunk or disappeared, restoring the skin's structural support. With the continuous production of collagen, the dermis becomes thicker and denser, leading to smoother wrinkles, tighter pores, and more elastic skin.

relative penetration of different wavelengths into the skin

GMY’s Milk Light Halogen Lamp

GMY offers the tailor-made Milk Light Halogen Lamp. This product not only meets the stringent requirements of the NIR Milk Light technique but can also be customized to fit the unique light source needs of various aesthetic devices.

Milk Light Halogen Lamp

Product Features:

  • Premium Materials: Made of quartz glass, resistant to corrosion.

  • High Luminous Flux: Offers high and stable light output, with a luminous flux approximately 10% higher than lamps of the same power. Excellent heat dissipation.

  • Accurate wavelength, constant color temperature, and adjustable brightness.

  • Low voltage design allows instant illumination.

  • Eco-friendly, ozone-free, and mercury-free.

  • The Intersection of Light and Healthcare

Light for Medical Health

Another highlight of the 134th Canton Fair is GMY's array of light sources for the healthcare sector, offering top-quality lighting technology solutions that foster innovation and growth in healthcare.

IPL Pulse Xenon Lamp

Emits targeted light pulses of specific wavelengths that hone in on distinct skin layers or concerns, such as cosmetic spot removal, hair removal, eradicating red blood vessels, and skin whitening.

IPL Pulse Xenon Lamp

308nm Excimer Light Source

The 308nm Excimer Light Source has strong penetration capabilities, reaching the superficial to mid layers of the dermis, up to a depth of 1.5mm. This enables it to effectively induce apoptosis in the activated T lymphocytes within vitiligo lesions. Through treatment, it not only alleviates vitiligo symptoms but gradually restores the tissue structure of the affected area.

308nm Excimer Light Source

Biochemical Analyzer Medical Halogen Lamp

Featuring a continuous full spectrum from 300-800nm, it can operate stably for up to 10 minutes. It's ideal for scenarios that demand a highly stable light output, like biochemical analyzers, and settings requiring consistent heat sources, such as therapy beds.

Biochemical Analyzer Medical Halogen Lamp

Join GMY at the 134th Canton Fair

GMY has always been committed to the research and manufacturing of lighting technology applications. Deeply invested in healthcare R&D, GMY continuously integrates new products and technologies into industry development, striving to create a safer, healthier, and smarter lighting environment for the medical sector and society at large.

As a premier platform for international trade cooperation, the Canton Fair runs for five days, from October 15th to 19th. If you're interested, you're warmly invited to our booth (15.4 A21-22/B01-02) for a collaborative discussion.

The 134th canton fair invition

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