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  • Intense Pulsed Light Disinfection Module
    The GMY IPL Pulsed Intense Light Disinfection Module offers high stability and reliability, ensuring exceptional disinfection performance. This product is suitable for disinfecting food surfaces, food packaging, food conveyer belts, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other areas. Compared to traditional UV disinfection, its energy efficiency is 50 times greater, achieving rapid and efficient disinfection in just 1ms. Its compact design makes the GMY IPL module easily integratable into various devices, catering to diverse application scenarios.
  • Germicidal And Deodorizing Machine
    The SafeGlo Germicidal and Deodorizing Machine features a low-noise design, integrating photocatalyst and ultraviolet technologies. It efficiently eliminates unpleasant odors in specific areas, while safely and effectively removing bacteria and viruses from the air. This results in combined air purification and germicidal action. With three timing settings, it adapts to different environments and needs, offering a personalized air purification experience. Suitable for homes, offices, hotel rooms, and more, it provides high-quality air, allowing you to enjoy a healthy and fresh living space.
  • Vehicle Odor Eliminating Air Purifier
    The SafeGlo Vehicle Odor Eliminating Air Purifier features a 360° all-round circulation design, combining ultraviolet light, activated oxygen, and photocatalyst triple purification technologies. It effectively removes bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, various odors (such as smoke, mold, leather, etc.), and harmful gases like formaldehyde from the vehicle interior. Its high-efficiency purification function not only improves the air quality inside the vehicle but also achieves a 99.9% high germicidal rate, ensuring a hygienic and fresh environment. Additionally, the purifier is specially designed with a silent operation mode, with noise levels as low as 30db, creating a comfortable driving and riding experience. The purifier covers an area of up to 2.5 cubic meters, making it suitable for most vehicle types and an ideal choice for in-vehicle air purification.
  • PEP ONE Personal Environment Purifier
    The SafeGlo PEP ONE is a highly efficient and portable air purifier that utilizes ultraviolet and photocatalyst technologies. Capable of cleaning a 3 cubic meter space within 15 minutes, it effectively removes odors, harmful gases, and kills bacteria and viruses. This product supports a dual power system, allowing for both external power connection and the use of a built-in 5000mAh battery (with a battery life of 3 hours). Additionally, the SafeGlo PEP ONE features two adjustable modes to meet various environmental needs, making it an ideal choice for personal home use and travel.
  • Near-Infrared Heating Lamp
    The GMY Near-Infrared Heating Lamp is a multi-purpose heating light source, ideal for therapeutic heating and animal breeding insulation. This lamp boasts rapid temperature rise, strong penetration, and superior durability. It employs near-infrared technology to guarantee a uniform heating area and delivers efficient and stable heat output.
  • Infrared Heat Lamp Carbon Fiber
    The Carbon Fiber Heat Lamp, a Far Infrared (FIR) emitter made of carbon fiber, is available wholesale from GMY Manufacturing. Emitting heat without significant light, FIR energy is absorbed only by matter, providing efficient and deep tissue heating for animals. This creates a natural heating sensation similar to the warmth felt from the sun's rays. Our heat lamps offer higher heat efficiency than traditional lamps and boast a long lifespan of up to 8,000 hours, ensuring ample warmth for your brooding chicks or pigs.
  • Chrysanthemum Grow Light
    GMY Chrysanthemum Grow Light: Specifically designed for chrysanthemum cultivation in outdoor and greenhouse settings, featuring sunlight-mimicking illumination, providing premium lighting.
  • 172nm Excimer Lamps - Photocleaning
    GMY's 172nm UV light cleaning technology is based on the principle of photochemical oxidation. By irradiating the organic material's surface with UV light, it generates free radicals, oxidizing organics into water and carbon dioxide, effectively removing surface contaminants.
  • Ultraviolet Open Channel Algae Killer
    GMY Ultraviolet Open Channel Algae Killer is a highly efficient disinfection and purification device for short-wave ultraviolet water treatment. Its unique feature lies in its ability to simultaneously emit ultraviolet light at both 185nm and 254nm wavelengths. Unlike traditional light sources that only emit 254nm ultraviolet light, our product offers superior performance. With higher energy output, it ensures exceptional disinfection and purification effects on water, effectively removing algae. By choosing the GMY short-wave high-energy ultraviolet open channel disinfect, you can achieve outstanding disinfection and purification results, guaranteeing clean and safe water.
  • FAR-UVC Lamp 15W
    Introducing our 222nm FAR-UVC 15W disinfection devices from GMY Manufacturing, now available for wholesale. These 15W FAR-UVC lamps are meticulously designed for use in occupied spaces, and provide effective elimination of a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteria, including but not limited to COVID-19, Monkeypox, and MERS.
  • 64258 halogen lamp
    64258 halogen bulbs available wholesale from GMY Manufacturing. For microscopy; laboratory & analysis; fiber illumination; surgical/dental; club & disco. OEM customization. 
  • Screw-in UV-C Germicidal Lamp UV3
    Screw-in UVC lamps UV3 from GMY Manufacturing,We offer equipment manufacturers and purification companies the state-of-the-art UV disinfection solutions needed to remain competitive.
  • UV-C Germicidal Lamp T5 G5/G13
    UV-C germicidal lamps T5 G5/G13 from GMY Manufacturing,We offer equipment manufacturers and purification companies the state-of-the-art UV-C disinfection solutions needed to remain competitive.
  • UV-C Cold Cathode Germicidal Lamp U-tube
    Germicidal Lamps U-tube from GMY Manufacturing,GMY Cold Cathode Germicidal UV Light features high-purity quartz glass, excellent start-up performance, and a long life of 8000 hours. It is energy-efficient, flexible in application, and available in ozone and ozone-free types. Ideal for low-voltage DC power supply environments.
  • UVC Disinfection Ceiling Light
    SafeGlo UVC Disinfection Ceiling Lights safely and silently destroy both surface and airborne bacteria and viruses, including Covid. The SGCL01 uses 2 high-intensity quartz lamps to emit UVC ultraviolet light (253.7nm) , proven by extensive research to disinfect 99.9% of  harmful germs. These lights are quick to install and simple to use. With no cumbersome filters to change, they are easy to maintain.
  • UV-C Germicidal Lamp Fixture (T5)
    UV-C Germicidal Lamp Fixture from GMY Manufacturing, We provide state-of-the-art UV-C disinfection components and solutions to equipment manufacturers and purification companies.
  • UV-C Parcel Disinfection Pass-Through
    The SafeGlo UVC Disinfection PASS-THROUGH provides an effective and safe solution for eliminating surface bacteria and viruses, including Covid. Utilizing high-intensity quartz lamps, the SGPT02 emits UVC ultraviolet light (253.7nm) that has been verified by third-party testing laboratories to disinfect 99.99% of harmful germs. Easy to install and simple to operate, this device offers a clean, dry, and chemical-free 360° UV treatment for all baggage and luggage passing through the tunnel.
  • LED Headlight Bulbs for Cars HP1 - H1/H4/H7/H11 Options Available
    Upgrade your headlights with GMY LED Integral beam lamps. These lamps provide up to 6500K powerful cool white light, delivering a high-tech appearance that is brighter and whiter than conventional halogen lighting. Our headlights are easy to install - serving as plug-and-play replacements for H1/H4/H7/H8/H9/H11/H16/9005/9006/9012 applications.
  • LED Headlight Bulbs for Cars A8 - H1/H4/H7/H11/9005/9006/9012
    Automible Replacement Bulbs from GMY Manufacturing, Available in 35W. In stock and available for rapid delivery
  • Intense Pulsed Light
    High-intensity pulsed light (IPL) technology for hair removal and cosmetic skin treatments has become the go-to solution for beauticians and medical professionals worldwide. Since 1998, we have been supplying quartz lamps, a technology closely related to IPL lamps, making our entry into this market a seamless transition. To meet the growing demand, we now offer an extensive range of IPL lamps compatible with machines from a variety of manufacturers.

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